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Last Updated 28 - Nov - 2008

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‘Live’ ECU Remapping

Austec Racing have been at the forefront of ECU Mapping industry for many years. We now offer professional ECU mapping services for   John-Deere.  With an impressive line of facilities and professionals with several years or specific experience in ECUs, you're in safe hands.

Our Rolling Road ("dyno") remapping service comes complete and backed up by years of experience. The tuning process starts with a base run on the dyno to determine current horsepower output and the air-fuel ratio. 

Once this is complete, we then start tuning the car. This involves a complete optimisation and rewrite of all fuel and ignition maps. You will typically see a significant improvement in acceleration, throttle response, part throttle driving, cruise fuel economy and finally total output. 

Once the process is complete, a final dyno run is carried out and you will be given a dyno printout showing the final output figures, this will show flywheel horsepower*, power at the wheels and torque output. 

You will also receive a second printout that plots both before and after figures, you will then see graphically what has changed as a result of the remapping service.

Our remapping process is a completely live service, but what does this mean ?  Many other tuners have the ability to make changes to standard ECUs by removing a chip from the ECU, uploading changes and then reinstalling the ECU. 

As you will appreciate, this is very time consuming if you want to completely rewrite both fuel and ignition maps. We have the specialist tools and abilities to directly communicate with the ECU whilst it is still installed in the car. 

The mapping process is therefore ‘live’ as all changes are real-time.  When the process is finished, the new ECU maps are installed into your ECU.

The final part of the process is to road test and make any changes, the dyno cell is effectively a road simulator.  However, we always finish the mapping process by means of road test to make sure all is as it should be.

Don't trust your John-Deere's ECU mapping to anyone until you have spoken with professionals on our team.


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